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lovelyemmelee's Journal

23 June
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miyuu. eighteen. black swan. cosmic creeper.

pastels / florals / lace / frills / bows / bright colors, quotes / people's last words, literature / prosetry, dreaming, vivid memories, walking, observing, tactile feeling, wanderlust, random facts, dancing, lullabies, the feeling of wind, spinning, bubble baths, polaroids, neon lights, glow in the dark stickers / lights / clothes / things, birds on telephone lines, laughing, piggy backs, pinky swears, crunchy leaves, bear hugs, warm blankets, spirals, skinny boys and girls, lockets, skins, green tea, bones, 30s / 60s / 80s / 90s, the circus, elaborate make-up / costumes, nicknames, blue / red / night skies, dressing up, nostalgia, entertaining, classical music, running, staying up through the night, sleeping in until noon, laughing, stars, supernova / emission nebulas, old victorian era .