lolita wishlist~

and here is around the time i make an ultimate wishlist. oh my~ all under the cut! 

** = really want
* = not dying for

all are my dream prints, but obviously the ones with more stars are the ones i cannot live without!

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i remade a deviantart. ohgod. but at least this is my attempt to get back into art! let's see how this goes~

not my artwork. artwork is done by imai kira, the link goes to my deviantart that is currently blank.

click through and watch for updates to come! eventually...! haahaa. gotta break out my tablet again and start actually drawing instead of simply doodling. it's about time i get back into the things i once used to be. if not seriously, but at least for fun. too many things have been taken from me and it's time to reclaim them back!

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kitties galore.

ahhh, as i type this now, my little kitty is sleeping on my chest / stomach and she's warm and comfy~ she's truly the loveliest! <3 she's making me feel all sleepy and cat nappy too! i think i might take a nap with her, my black and white stuffed kitty my boyfriend gave me for valentines day and my favorite white stuffed kitty i've had since i was eight! they're both ty beanie babies, except the full white one is an older make and a different design. still lovely though! heehee. <3

i'm in a flurry of kitties! konstantine, cosmic creepers and flip! they're the sweetest and cutest babies ever! heehee. <3
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the more nintendo upgrades, the more it is impossible to play old games. my ds lites died out a long time ago making it impossible to play all my old favorite games, like the pokemon series and the hamtaro games among others. i have a dsi now, but they stopped manufacturing games for the dsi and moved onto making games for the 3ds. i don't mind it so much, except that it's extremely expensive! i'd like to get one so i can get the new tales of the abyss on the 3ds and stuff, but i just can't afford it. i don't want to be forced into buying a new system now, just because they no longer make games for the older platforms. i mean, i've followed the nintendo handhelds from the huge brick of the first nintendo all the way to the dsi (i am excluding the psp and the ds xl because it's the exact same as the dsi, except bigger, and i didn't want to be carrying around this huge thing that barely fits in my hands.)

the systems that i have now are the ps2, the gamecube and my dsi. i don't have an xbox. i don't have an xbox 360. i don't have a ps3. i don't have a wii. i don't have any of the fancy systems that are the only ones currently having games manufactured for. it's so hard. i want to play all these new games, but i can't because i don't have the systems. and even if i upgraded to a ps3- all the ps3s that you can purchase now cannot read or play ps2 games. only the first japanese models could- which is the one my brother has- and you cannot get those types any more unless you mod it, but i don't understand a thing about the wiring of these gaming platforms. sigh. it's just so frustrating. i mean, i have my favorite games that i always play on these systems, but i can't play any new games out at all. since my brother moved out, he took all of his systems, so i only have my systems that i bought or received myself.

i do want the new coral pink 3ds, but i just don't have the money to spend on it. i have huge bodyline order that i want to buy and i have a huge trip to montreal this summer that i have to save up for. not to mention my tattoo appointment with my soul twin the second week of july. i'm currently jobless, and i just cannot afford to spend any money i receive until i get a job and a lot of hours.

make up.

ps. does any one have any cutesy make up tutorials they can send me? i like experimenting with make up since i haven't really gotten into it until recently over the last year and i kind of have the basics down and i recently picked up some good products. but i was just wondering if any one had any good suggestions? like, really girly, fun, maybe even with a hint of sparkles, with or without circle lenses. just something really nice for sweet or even something fun for decora lolita. i have a few of my own looks down, but they are very simple and a little plain and i don't know if there's anything sweet or any techniques i could pick up? please help! links or videos or descriptions, products, anything!

thank you! <3

the wooden sky.

so, two nights ago, on saturday, i was lucky enough to see the wooden sky! they're an adorable indie folk band from the mainland of canada. they're really good! i was only familiar with their older material, though i know they recently released a new album. needless to say, i will definitely be checking out their new material after the phenomenal show on saturday! the show itself was a bar show and my boyfriend was incredibly nervous about going since neither of us have fake ids. but i had attended a concert (the born ruffians) at that pub last year, so i was fairly confident with walking right in. as i had thought, we got in without any problem! c: my boyfriend was quite relieved!

we had a little purple cross drawn on our hands! heehee. to show that we've paid even if we were to go outside for a bit.

we sat down. my boyfriend ordered us a white russian to split, and by split, i mean that i drank most of it. haahaa. we ran into one of his older friends, and it was really nice to have some company while waiting! i decided to pick up the vinyl copy of their first album and got it signed by two of the members. heehee. c: overall the show was really lovely! the openers were very good and very energetic! my grade nine intern was playing second guitar, it was so strange but lovely to see him! heehee. they're definitely a band i want to keep up with in the future- kind of indie pop, really nice for local music here and all of the members were extremely talented! then the wooden sky played an hour long set. they incorporated both new and old material and i was just so happy to jump around and dance! it was a nice little 'concert high' as most people call it! it was so interactive and every one of the band was so happy and engaging and most of the crowd was very responsive. i was right up front, so i really didn't see any one else and how they were responding, all i know is that i was dancing and having a wonderful time! it was also the second guitarist's / keyboard player's twenty six birthday, so people kept buying him drinks, haahaa. the only thing i did not enjoy were these two girls next to me that were just very obnoxious and out of place and loud... even though they were sipping on water. oh my. all in all it was a very great show! my boyfriend got really tired by the end- they finished around two in the morning- so we left pretty quickly and got back into bed and watched a little criminal minds before we slept. c:

picture time!

the opening band- the boutineers, i believe.

the lead singer / guitarist looks just like an older version of my boyfriend's brother!

lead and second guitarist / synth player.

lead guitarist and bassist!

shopping intervention.

all last night i was up constructing a good bodyline order as well as designing some jsks on sweet rococo. i had to battle my conscience so that i would not spend all of my money on lolita items. i've been planning on buying a ball jointed doll (more on that in a later post) but there are too many ops that i want. i've also just discovered the egl_comm_sales so i've just been going through pages upon pages of second hand sales. goodness!

my lolita obsession has really peaked since last weekend! i attended a local convention- sci fi on the rock- and a few lovely girls from the lolita community here were attending. needless to say, i met an extremely lovely girl who i hope to get closer with! her name is amaryllis. i only slightly hold her accountable for reawakening my lolita obsession.

amaryllis and i!

i was attending a party later so i was dressed for more of a party setting. amaryllis made me regret even wearing my bows and lace despite wearing them two of the three days of the convention (and also daily life, haahaa). after the convention, i had made around 1k of money to go towards my trip to montreal with my boyfriend. i promised that even with all the tattoos and piercings and clothes that i want, that i would not spend any money until i reached at least two thousand dollars and got a job... obviously i never heeded my own advice.

i purchased a cute ribbon bag, some deco nails and stick on jewels, a cat change purse and a panda sleeping mask.

also purchased a pair of lavender circle lenses! with my beautiful boyfriend here.

i also bought this beautiful cream sheer and lace dress. and only because i have the money. the only reason why i didn't order from bodyline is that i forgot to put in money into my paypal and then my conscience kicked in. now i'm so stressed because i just want to buy, but i can't!

hopefully i'll have a job interview this coming week and get a job so i won't feel bad ordering online. :'c oh my! i really am addicted! i need an intervention! i have to save up for montreal!! oh my... i have a show tonight- i'm seeing the wooden sky with my boyfriend. it's going to be great, but all i can think about is getting these lovely dresses!

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little introduction.

hi, i'm fairly new to livejournal. i used it once in the past personally and once for roleplaying purposes. mainly i have a facebook, twitter and tumblr and spend most of my time between those networking sites. i also browse through ebay and etsy and fairyland dolls as well as various lolita sites. i have recently decided to register for a livejournal for the sole reason that there exist some online lolita communities and marketplaces that i would like to access and obviously cannot do anonymously. with that being said, here's my little introduction~

my name is miyuu. i am an eighteen year old cosmic creeper living in canada. i live on a rather tiny rock in the atlantic ocean. i have a horrible case of wanderlust. i have a house and i now have a home within a muppet of a man. i have a dream but i lack the sleep to carry it on. i am an insomniac. i am a performer. i am a human. i am broken. i open at close. i am a seeker. i am a chaser. never a keeper. i like what i like but i love everything. i do not understand hate much, because even things you hate have something to like in them. philosophy. i like to write but i am not eloquent. i like to express but i am not trusting. i like to keep to myself but i cannot be alone. i like to read but i become lost too easily within words. (this is not a bad thing). i listen to music constantly- inside my ears, inside my head.


have a lovely day every one! please don't hesitate to comment, ask questions or friend me.